A confidential tips system for The Student Life, the newspaper of the Claremont Colleges. Used in reporting on the Wabash Report at Harvey Mudd College, a story that resulted in protests and national coverage.

Research assistance for The Disney Project, a sociolinguistic study of Disney princess movies that reveals historical trends in the quantity and quality of spoken lines across genders since 1959's "Sleeping Beauty."

"That Isn't Right": Post-Racial Fantasies in Film Representations of Black Male Presidents, an original sociolinguistic study analyzing Barack Obama's relatively limited use of features of Black English in public speeches compared to presidential characters played by Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock.

An affordable DIY air quality sensor developed for Los Angeles high school students to check the results of an Air Quality Management District program promising to filter pollution from nearby highways.

Student Talk Bot, a bot trained on the contents of my school's student email listserv that generates new emails and posts them as faux screenshots.

One Nation, a live video installation that loops the United States pledge of allegiance while pairing each word with the most recent public Instagram post to use that word as a hashtag.

Not Intended For Human Consumption, an interactive gallery installation that refuses to display artwork when cameras detect a face, encouraging visitors to constantly look through their phones while browsing.

Who Does A Word Look Like, an algorithm that finds the average skin tone for faces detected in Google Image results for a given search query.