Hello! I'm a visual journalist and a media studies student. Download my résumé.

I am editor-in-chief of The Student Life, the student newspaper of the Claremont Colleges, and recently completed an internship with the Vox.com video team. I'm pursuing a B.A. in media studies, currently working on a critical studies thesis on the politics of photojournalism. I work best with seltzer and candy.


At Vox.com, I researched and helped produce videos on politics and policy, like these:

Produced and shot studio footage, researched archival photo/video, published.

Researched archival photo/video, researched story, published.

Assisted with studio shoot, researched and edited archival photo/video, published.

Edited photos/graphics, rigged preliminary animations, published.


In various roles The Student Life, I've reported on some of the most politically tense moments on campus since the 1960s: